Hi, I'm Len Deuel. I'm currently a Computer Science major at the University of Utah. I'm in the Entertainment Arts and Engineering program (video games) but still completing all regular CS requirements. Right now my main focus is my senior capstone project Ritmo. I am one of the programmers on the project and have written all of our death and checkpoint code, score code including an online high scores RESTful API, pausing, and worked with Daniel Sanders to do our camera system and write all of the UI code. I also do mobile programming on both iOS and Android. NetClash is my main release, currently available on Android and soon on iOS. I also TA a course in iOS development. Finally, I'm also a competitive Pokemon player under the pseudonym "Alaka" (short for, and pronounced like, Alakazam). I have a couple of high finishes including 12th at the 2009 World Championships, 2nd at the 2010 US national championships, Winner of the 2012 Houston Regional Championship, and Top 4 at the 2014 Sydney, Austrailia regional championship. Now I focus on commentary and livestreams either of my own matches or live for tournaments. My streams are either found on my channel twitch.tv/AlakaPKMN or on NuggetBridge.com's channel twitch.tv/NuggetBridge. I can be found on twitter as @AlakaPKMN.

My gaming blog


My senior capstone project, a rhythm platformer where you run through a song collecting music notes to keep the song playing in up to four player co op.


An android RTS I wrote. It is a single screen game written natively for Android in which players vie for control of a computer network by taking over nodes with various effects. It also features online play through a server that I wrote.


A site that helps teachers manage questions asked by the class in an organized manner, and build a database of searchable answered questions for the future.

Team submission manager

A tool to help tournament operators manage team submissions and build a searchable database out of those submissions. Also generates metrics out of the submissions.

White/Gold or Blue/Black

A dumb website I made the day all the #thedress stuff was happening, the background is one pixel from the image and votes are tracked on a per pixel basis.

Bold Bracket maker

A maybe slightly antiquated tool that takes an old set of pairings with bolded winners and creates the next round.