Hi, I'm Len Deuel. I'm currently a Computer Science major at the University of Utah. I'm in the Entertainment Arts and Engineering program (video games) but still completing all regular CS requirements. I enjoy working with web facing stuff, and am pretty good with with a database. Currently I'm on an android kick and hope to have a few apps on the marketplace soon. I'm also a competitive Pokemon player under the pseudonym "Alaka". I have a couple of high finishes including 2nd at the 2010 US national championships and 12th at the 2009 World Championships. Below you'll find links to a couple of my side projects (at least the ones its easy to link) and my gaming blog. I apologize for the rough look of the site, but I'm definitely a programmer not a designer.

My gaming blog


A site that helps teachers manage questions asked by the class in an organized manner, and build a database of searchable answered questions for the future.

Team submission manager

A tool to help tournament operators manage team submissions and build a searchable database out of those submissions. Also generates metrics out of the submissions.

Bold Bracket maker

A maybe slightly antiquated tool that takes an old set of pairings with bolded winners and creates the next round.